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Skandia Elevator are a leader in agricultural and industrial conveying systems, specialising in grain handling solutions. Their products are well known for their robustness, reliability, and sustainability, which cater to both farmers and commercial operators worldwide.

Modularity and Customisation

All of the Skanida Elevator range emphasises a modular approach across their three product lines, which offers flexible systems that can be customised to meet specific operational needs. This modularity ensures cost-effective solutions without compromising on functionality, allowing seamless integration and scalability as businesses grow.

User Friendly

The Skandia Elevator portfolio prioritises user friendly designs in all their products, ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. Their solutions are engineered to be intuitive and efficient, enhancing overall user experience while maximising productivity in grain handling operations.

One example of the user friendliness is the Grain Cloud app. It doesn’t just keep track of the Skandia Elevator conveying systems, but all units and machines in the facility. If a boiler dries out, an alert is sent immediately so that no time will be lost.  Other examples are the self regulating inlet that does not feed more than the specified capacity, regardless of crop. It takes place without adjustments and contributes to the unique operational reliability, while at the same time reducing maintenance and service.

Skandia Elevator Belt and Bucket Elevators

Skandia Elevator’s belt and bucket elevators are designed for optimal vertical transport of grain. Built with robust materials and leveraging advanced robotic manufacturing processes, these elevators deliver reliable performance in the most challenging agricultural and industrial environments.

Skandia Elevator Chain and Flight Conveyors

The chain and flight conveyors are engineered to excel in horizontal, inclined, and curved transport of grain. Known for their durability and efficiency, these conveyors are backed by over four decades of proven performance in British and Irish farms and commercial systems.


Skandia Elevator set the industry standard with their comprehensive range of grain handling solutions. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and user friendly design ensures that farmers and commercial operators can enhance profitability and efficiency while adapting to evolving operational needs.

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Skandia Elevator

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