From our range of continuous flow grain dryers, batch and heat recovery grain dryers rated from 10tph to 300tph, we can offer a product to meet your requirements. The same high-quality parts are used in all our driers, regardless of their size. A sample of our grain dryer range can be seen below.

Our dryers are designed to provide the latest improvements in efficiency, low energy consumption and ease of operation. We can offer different heat sources from gas and oil to biofuel, and a state of the art moisture control package which gives you total control over the drying process at the touch of a button. Clean air control options are also available using a fan that gives maximum airflow at minimal sound pressure. Heat recovery dryers have proven successful in saving energy, giving up to 30% energy savings compared to a standard continuous flow dryer.

The table below lists the range of grain drying systems available from Tornum.

Continuous flow grain dryer systems

ModelCapacity (tph)*Drying SectionsCooling SectionsTotal kWNo FansHeight (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)

Design & Manufacture

Our in-house draughtsmen use the latest 3D CAD drawing technology to design your bespoke grain handling system. Attention to detail is important that’s why our designs show how every part of your project fits together including conveyors and storage. Whether it’s a small mobile unit or an industrial-sized processing plant our aim is to design quality systems that are easy to operate, reliable, and efficient.

We have a team of experienced tradesmen working from our modern, fully equipped steel fabrication and electrical workshops and assembly hall. This allows us to offer a comprehensive manufacturing service where last-minute needs can be handled quickly and efficiently to ensure projects are completed on time.

Intelligent drying to cut costs and increase productivity

Drying grain precisely is a complex process, but doing it correctly achieves the best possible grain quality for the best price. Relying on manual drying can risk either not attaining the desired moisture content, or over-drying the grain which is a costly exercise. Overstepping the mark by drying to 13% instead of 14% can typically add up to 20% to your energy bill, whilst simultaneously reducing your driers capacity by up to 16%.

Let the Tornum Intelligent Drier Control (IDC) do all the hard work!

IDC is a software based control system which can be used in continuous flow grain dryers to monitor and control the out-going moisture content. One sensor is placed in the upper drying section of the drier and measures the incoming moisture content. The second sensor is placed in the cooling zone close to the drier outlet and measures the outgoing moisture levels.

By using and monitoring this information, the control unit sets the speed of the continuous flow grain dryer discharge in order to obtain the required average moisture content of the grain, irrespective of outside weather conditions. By taking the guesswork out of the drying process the risk of over-drying is kept to a minimum and consistent moisture levels are more easily achieved.

As fewer man-hours are needed to monitor the drying process, labour costs are also reduced. The IDC kit is available in 4 different sizes with 2 or 4 moisture sensors depending on the drier size. Temperature sensors can also be provided if more detailed information is required about the drying process.


  • Reduced drying costs
  • Increased drying capacity
  • Total control over the drying process
  • Change grain type and drying activity at the touch of a button
  • Optimised drying process
  • Intelligent software adapts to different conditions
  • Easy to install
  • An instantly profitable investment
Chart showing the cost savings when using ICD software with your continuous flow grain dryer

As demonstrated below the user-friendly IDC interface shows all the information needed.

Graphic showing the IDC interface data when installed in a continuous flow grain dryer

This graph of incoming and out-going moisture content is just one of the ways the statistics collated by the IDC can be presented in an easy to read format.

Graph showing example incoming and outgoing moisture levels within a continuous flow grain dryer when IDC software is installed

Tornum Touch Screen Control Panel

Touch screen control panels with a simple display and inbuilt safety functions ensure easy monitoring and management of the drying process for the operator.

The Tornum Scada System Software

We also provide the latest Scada Systems software and high-quality sensors, probes link up to the alarm system and the control panel where warning flags will signal any blockage or overload of the machine.

Image of Tornum Intelligent Dryer Control software

Grain Drier Heat Sources

For many years, our driers have been developed to reduce energy consumption in grain handling. To complement these efficient driers, we also offer effective, reliable and energy-efficient heat sources that allow us to reduce our customers’ costs and environmental impact. In this way, we contribute to both environmental and economic sustainability of the grain industry.

Diesel and Kerosene Burners

Tornum uses the most modern, three-stage, Kerosene and Diesel package burners to power the furnace, providing you with maximum efficiency and controllability. The three stages provide low temperatures for high-value crops such as oilseed rape and malting barley, whilst sustaining high temperatures for feed wheat and barley. Once the required crop drying temperature is set, the control panel will automatically monitor and regulate the temperature, switching each stage on or off as required.

Gas Burners

Tornum can supply gas burners for dryers for direct heating of the hot air. The range encompasses several different types of channel burners or line burners, depending on the type of system to be installed. A directly heated dryer with gas burner consumes less energy compared with indirect heating, such as an oil furnace. Gas burners are normally fired with LPG or natural gas.

Hot Air Furnaces

A robust hot-air furnace for use indoors or outdoors. The frame is made of aluminium with walls built in a sandwich construction. The combustion chamber and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel. The furnace has to be protected against the weather if being used outdoors.

Structure and Function

  • With or without high-pressure fans. Pressure from fans 70 mm vp.
  • Supplied with Riello oil burner
  • One-step burner up to G/GO200
  • Two-step burner from G/GO250
  • Fan control
  • Digital temperature control

Hot Water Coils

Hot-water coils are an alternative to hot-air furnaces and are especially adapted for Tornum’s modular systems. Suitable energy sources include straw, chips, pellets or oil. The flexible design means we can customise the dimensions and air volume of the coil.

Structure and Function

  • Finned heat exchangers with copper tubing and mechanically fixed expanding aluminium fins
  • Work according to the counterflow principle, which produces very high efficiency
  • Heavy-duty mounting frame designed for the modular system provides easy installation and protected placement
  • Header and connections for water fittings are available on either side
  • The headers have plugged outlets for venting and drainage. The coil connections on the liquid side have external threads

Centriklon Dust Sepatators

TORNUM’s Centriklon is a dust separator used for removing dust and chaff from grain dryers. Centriklon offers a very high capacity in a small space, is very reliable and requires minimal maintenance, as it completely lacks moving parts.The Centriklon is available in various sizes and is dimensioned for air volume and capacity.

Clean Air Control

Clean Air Control has a specially designed fan housing and impeller for improved energy efficiency and higher airflow at the same counter-pressure compared to previous models. It removes 95% of grain dust and chaff and produces fewer dust emissions compared with a traditional fan with no separation.

Structure and Function

  • Hot-dip galvanized chassis, providing durable corrosion protection
  • Fan dampers are available at the front of the fan for individual adjustment of airflow
  • The fan motor is available with any voltage and with thermal protection
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical design
  • The fan housing is equipped with a manhole to facilitate service and inspection
  • A specially designed impeller provides optimum flow and minimal sound level

Heat Recovery Driers

The Tornum heat recovery dryer is the result of ongoing efforts to develop our product range and reduce the energy consumption of our dryers. The HR dryer makes use of the energy that would be lost in a traditional dryer. Normally, up to 30% of the heat is recovered. It also provides a quieter and cleaner work environment thanks to its unique design. All our dryers are made from hot-dip galvanised sheet metal.


  • Level indicator
  • Wet air plenum
  • Discharge section – pulse
  • Level sensor
  • Buffer zone
  • Heat source – gas
  • Fire detection system
  • Ladders and platforms
  • Recovery zone
  • Control moisture content
  • Pressure measurement for adjusting start-up

Reduces energy consumption BY UP TO 30%

Around a quarter of the hottest moist air in a heat recovery dryer is recirculated. Moist air that is recovered is passed through a recirculation zone and then mixed with the heated cooling air. As the recycled air is warmer than the ambient air, you can reduce the energy supply for the gas burner. Nevertheless, you still achieve the desired drying temperature compared to only using fresh air. The design of the HR dryer also means that the exhaust fans at the top require less power.

Batch Grain Dryer TS

The batch dryer TS can be adapted to different capacity requirements and is equipped with adjustable shutters for drying smaller batches. There is a discharge section between the dryer sections and the discharge hopper, which makes it possible to re-circulate the batch without having to empty the entire unit. This helps ensure even drying, high quality for the dried product and a good heating economy. All our dryers are made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal.


  • Level indicator
  • Moist air duct
  • Discharge section
  • Buffer zone

Batch Grain Dryer TE

The batch dryer TE is a compact hot-air dryer with a low investment cost which can also be adapted to different needs. The dryer has a self-discharging bottom section which is used as the drying zone, and is equipped with drying laterals and an outlet shutter, giving good drying economy. All our dryers are made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal.


  • Hot air duct
  • Buffer zone

TORNUM Grain Cooler

A Tornum Grain Cooler accomplishes what nature cannot always provide – safe storage temperature regardless of ambient conditions.

Once grain is cooled, it retains its temperature for a long time. With a Tornum Grain Cooler, you usually only have to cool the grain once for it to retain the perfect temperature. The Tornum Grain Cooler can be linked up to virtually all storage systems, as long as there are good conditioning options. All types of granular material requiring low storage temperatures can be cooled with the Tornum Grain Cooler.

As less energy is needed to cool the grain to safe storage conditions compared to drying it, substantial quantities of energy can be saved, reducing the impact on global warming.
Safeguarding storage conditions also reduces grain loss, which is a major benefit for the environment. The Tornum Grain Cooler also uses 80 percent less refrigerant compared to traditional cooling systems on the market.

Grain is a living crop and loses both weight and value as it breathes. If the storage temperature is too high, you risk insect attacks and the grain rotting. It is estimated that at least 10 percent of all stored crops are damaged from insect attacks every year. By storing grain at the right temperature and humidity, you can reduce such losses to a minimum.

Some of the advantages of the tornum grain cooler:
• Eliminates the need for insecticides
• Drying effect during cooling of grain with 15 percent moisture content or more – each 10 °C temperature reduction provides a 0.5–0.75 percent drying effect
• Always safe storage conditions
• Low running costs



Tornum’s self-discharging bin ST is specially designed for storing grain and is available in several different sizes. It can be assembled at ground level in sections which are then lifted together.

• Made from hot-dip galvanized steel
• Each section has a vertical height of 505 mm
• Can be expanded by adding sections onto the main hopper
• Smooth interior surfaces makes it easy to clean and suitable for wet grain
• The design allows several assembly methods, which saves time
• Outlet 200 x 200 mm
• The hopper is completely screwable and equipped with square legs

• Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Conditioning lateral
• Level indicator
• Temperature monitoring
• Outlet connection
• Partitioning wall



Tornum Bulk Loading Bin UT

Tornum’s bulk loading bin for grain storage ensures fast and efficient loading. The height and width are adapted to large vehicles which can easily be loaded as they drive through. The bin has a very robust design with a square-barred lattice frame. The bulk loading bin is also extremely easy to install and is assembled with screws and nuts.

• Made from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel
• Storage sections are 505 mm high and can be extended to the desired volume
• Smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning
• The construction allows several installation methods, which saves time.
• The bin outlet is 300 x 300 mm and is fitted with a rack slide that can be manoeuvred from floor level using a control rod
• Standard clearance beneath the rack slide is 4,620 mm

• Level indicator
• Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Partitioning wall
• Shutter with controls
• Motorised shutter
• Ladder
• Hand rails



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