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Tornum Ltd are now the exclusive distributorship partners for 3U Vision in the UK and Ireland. This partnership brings together a combined experience of over 100 years in optical sorting, marking a significant step forward in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to the agricultural industry.

A Commitment to Excellence

Tornum has earned a sterling reputation for its unwavering commitment to international growth and customer satisfaction. Our focus has always been on providing comprehensive solutions that adapt to the ever evolving needs of the agricultural market. Our partnership with 3U Vision perfectly aligns with our mission to offer state-of-the-art solutions that drive progress and efficiency.

The 3U Vision Difference

Founded by Antonio Uzzo in 2019, 3U Vision has swiftly risen to prominence for its expertise in advanced vision systems, particularly in the realm of optical sorting machines. These systems are renowned for their precision, reliability, and their ability to elevate product selection to the highest standards.

Key Benefits for the UK Market

The exclusive distribution agreement with Tornum Ltd opens new horizons for the UK and Irish markets. Here are some of the key benefits that this partnership brings:

  • Test Facility for Innovation – 3U Vision offers a dedicated test facility at our HQ in North Yorkshire for running samples, troubleshooting, and experimenting with new recipes. This facility is a breeding ground for innovation, providing invaluable support for farmers and producers.
  • Cutting-Edge Camera Technology – 3U Vision’s optical sorting solutions feature advanced 4K cameras with multi-spectral capabilities. With a quadrupled pixel count compared to standard HD cameras, these systems deliver sharper, more detailed images, a crucial advantage for detecting defects in similar coloured products.
  • User Friendly Software – The user friendly software developed by 3U Vision empowers operators to create or modify sorting recipes without the need for a qualified technician. This streamlined approach saves time and resources.
  • Integrated Remote Support – 3U Vision ensures seamless support with an integrated remote-service system. Operators can receive real-time assistance regardless of their location, reducing the need for on-site intervention and technician expenses.
  • State of the Art Ejectors – Custom designed ejectors with a 3.6 mm pitch maximise sustained velocity, reduce compressed air consumption, increase production capacity, and minimise good product rejection. The RISE-UP system allows for adjustable ejector banks, reducing errors caused by uneven product fall speeds.

Vanessa Schofield, a key member of the Tornum team with extensive technical knowledge, is the primary representative for 3U Vision.

Contact Vanessa – / 07477 509 516




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