Manufactured from galvanized material and in accordance with the EU machinery directives. It is a standard a Category II 2D/0D Conveyor and complies with the European ATEX directive 94/9EC.

When operating in a farm drying and storage plant handling different types of grain, the internal atmosphere complies with Zone 21 and the external is unclassified. If the conveyor operates in a plant where the external atmosphere is classified as Zone 22,

Electrical motors and switches must be ATEX approved. There are three different alternatives: A- with top inlet for controlled feeding from other conveyor. B- with side inlet hoppers for uncontrolled feeding from bins. C- with metered inlets uncontrolled feeding from bins. Reversing is possible for lengths up to 25 m. KTFb is available in three models, 30, 40 and 60.


Capacity t/h273958
Capacity m³/h365277
Chain speed m/s0,460,650,98
Nom. shaft rpm75106159


L-Line is specially adapted to small agricultural facilities. It is particularly suitable for small to medium sized farms that need concentrated operations during the harvest period.

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