KTHb is manufactured from galvanized material in accordance with the EU machinery directives. It is classified as a Category II 2D/OD Conveyor and is suitable to handle granulated and pulverized materials, and complies with Zone 21 or Zone 22 and where the external atmosphere is unclassified.

KTHb horizontal bottom conveyor is designed to feed an SEH Bucket Elevator. Rated capacities are based on grain with 15% moisture content and bulk density of 750kg/m³. The capacity will be affected with the same percentage as the gear box revolution changes.

Reversing is possible for all lengths. Conveyor support max 6 meter centres.


Capacity t/h587997120146196
Capacity m³/h77105129160195262
Chain speed m/s0.590.530.650.630.550.54
Nom. shaft rpm443949383325
Capacity t/h245294377489570
Capacity m³/h327392503652760
Chain speed m/s0,530,650,680,680,70
Nom. shaft rpm2530262627


H-Line is our product line for daily use, continual operations and year-round production. H-LINE is developed to fulfil the stringent requirements of the grain industry.

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