DC Remover


Improve the quality of your product – more efficiently. The DC Remover (DC is short for Dust and Chaff) extracts debris and fragments from the grain. It’s compact and easy to install, but don’t think less of it because of its mere size. What it lacks in volume it makes up for in power.

So, free your possibilities and reduce the efficiency losses in your business.


The DC Remover is the kind of solution that will improve the quality of your product. All of its parts are optimised to fit each other like hand in glove. This gives you a cleaner product. But an increase of quality is not all; by reducing the dust the working environment improves, and the risk of accidents at the workplace is less of a concern. Also, less dust will get into engines and moving parts, which gives your installation a longer life. Oh, and your staff won’t need to clean those machines as often. But we’re pretty sure they won’t miss it.

The Skandia DC Remover is a complete system with cleaning unit, fan unit with motor and cyclone. The components are manufactured from galvanised steel plate. The system is designed for rough cleaning of grain and cleans away dust, husks and lighter straw. Cleaning is most effective at the lower capacity level and optimum cleaning results are only obtained with the complete system.

Cleaning unit and fan unit are compactly built. The incoming grain  is spread over a screen with transverse slits, allowing seed grain to be cleaned without the risk of the crop falling through and being lost. Air is sucked through the screen and the grain flow which is effectively vacuum cleaned, and removes chaff and dust. An air damper on the top of the cleaning unit allows the air flow to be controlled for various crops.

The inlet and outlet is 180, 250 or 300 mm square for connection to Skandia RK250 (120-150 t/h Spiro 315) ducting system. The fan can be turned 360°, which means that the outlet opening can be moved into the required direction without the need for bends. The chaff can be transported approx. 25 m in the blow line to the cyclone.


  • Cleaning unit
  • Fan unit with motor
  • Cyclon


  • Rain cover, Cyclon


L-Line is specially adapted to small agricultural facilities. It is particularly suitable for small to medium sized farms that need concentrated operations during the harvest period.

The products on the I-Line are designed for facilities with intensive operations throughout the year. This line is suitable for both medium-sized and large farms, as well as commercial grain traders.

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