Manufactured from galvanized material and in accordance with the EU machinery directives. It is suitable for 15°, 30° and 45° degree conveying. It runs very quiet and is totally enclosed and dust free in operation. Brush gear for intermediate outlets can not be used on KTAb.

It is as standard a Category II 2D/0D Conveyor and complies with the European ATEX directive 94/9EC. When operating in a farm drying and storage plant handling different types of grain, the internal atmosphere complies with Zone 21 and the external is unclassified. If the conveyor operates in a plant where the external atmosphere is classified as Zone 22, electrical motors and switches must be ATEX approved.

KTAb is available in three models, 30, 40 and 60, to match the rated capacities of Skandia Bucket Elevators SE140 and Chain & Flight Conveyors.


Capacity t/h283653
Capacity m³/h374871
Chain speed m/s1.081.141.19
Nom. shaft rpm176185194
KTAb 30 t/h413226
KTAb 40 t/h322420
KTAb 60 t/h302319


L-Line is specially adapted to small agricultural facilities. It is particularly suitable for small to medium sized farms that need concentrated operations during the harvest period.

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