The Sweep Conveyor has so many benefits we hardly know where to begin. If we were to try; the fact that you can use it directly after the centre outlet has emptied the silo, without having to clear the Sweep Conveyor, would serve as a pretty good icebreaker. We would probably continue the conversation by telling you about the “broom” that is placed under the conveyor, leaving just a small amount of grain after sweeping. To continue the discussion would we tell you that the forward driving system makes the Sweep conveyor move safe and steady without slipping. To round up our little chat we’d let you in on a little secret; the Sweep Conveyor goes perfectly with our Bottom Conveyors. Now you can get a perfectly-balanced system and reduce the risk of stops or blockages all at once.

KTIS is manufactured from galvanized material in accordance with the EU machinery directives. KTIS is classified as a Category II 0D/OD Conveyor and is suitable to handle granulated and pulverized materials that is unclassified.

The KTIS Sweep Conveyor is designed to empty grain from a silo to a Skandia bottom conveyor. Rated capacities are based on grain with 15% moisture content and bulk density of 750kg/m³. The capacity will be affected with the same percentage as the gear box revolution changes. Connection of the machine takes place using cable with connecting plug. Slip ring is available as an accessory at extra cost.


Capacity t/h3955
Capacity m³/h5273
Belt speed m/s0.640.96
Nom. drive shaft rpm101154


The products on the I-Line are designed for facilities with intensive operations throughout the year. This line is suitable for both medium-sized and large farms, as well as commercial grain traders.

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