JWI Ltd brings Westrup CC-2500 grain cleaner to the UK

It’s an exciting time for North Yorkshire based JWI Ltd as they supply the first Westrup CC2500 into the UK marketplace – standing at over 4 meters in height this is one of the largest screen cleaners to be manufactured globally.

The impressive CC2500 boasts:

  • Total Screen area: 60m2 with below possibilities for flow:F
    • Flow 1 – pre cleaning: 20m2 sand screen and 40m2 scalping screens.
    • Flow 2 – fine cleaning: 40m2 sand screens and 20m2 scalping screens.
  • Capacity for pre cleaning wheat at 12t/ m2 scalping screen: up to 480t/ hour wheat, 750kg/m3 with moisture content at 18%
  • Capacity for fine cleaning wheat at 1,2t/ m2 sand screen: Up to 48t/ hour wheat, 750kg/m3 with moisture content at 15%
  • Industrial cleaning of wheat at 6,25t/ m2 scalping screen: Up to 250t/ hour
  • Capacity for malting barley at 2,2t/m2 sand screen: Up to 88t/ hour

Company Director Charles White, “The JWI team are thrilled to be introducing this high capacity pre-cleaner to our customers – the CC-2500 is the largest seed cleaner Westrup can build and it’s capabilities speak for themselves – it’s an exceptional addition to our portfolio and we are looking forward to seeing our customers reap the rewards this machine delivers.”

JWI are the exclusive distributors for Westrup within the UK – a relationship which is valued on both sides as Willem Verbeek, Westrup Sales Manager, explains, “We are very fortunate to have a great distributor network around the world and JWI is a great example of this. It won’t be long before the CC-2500 is making a notable difference to the JWI end customers.”

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