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Grain Storage – Our Guide

At Tornum, we understand that effective grain storage is crucial. It maintains quality and maximises your agricultural products’ economic value. Our guide highlights various solutions and technologies we offer. These enhance grain storage, ensuring we preserve your harvest under optimal conditions.

Hopper Bottom Silos

We design these silos for efficiency and versatility. They are ideal for temporary wet grain storage and medium-term storage. They also serve as buffer bins in grain drying or silo plants. Their structure allows for rapid discharge. This makes them perfect for use at ports, breweries, and mills. Constructed with robust corrugated steel and thicker galvanisation, they withstand extreme weather. They adhere to stringent American and European standards.

Flat Bottom Silos

Suited for a broad range of storage needs, our flat bottom silos are built for durability. These silos can handle grain, oilseeds, and other granulated products for short to long-term storage. With the capacity to withstand continuous use and harsh climates, they are ideal for inland storage facilities and industrial plants. Our customisation options ensure that we can tailor solutions to meet specific storage demands.

Barn Owl Ventilation Wireless Software

Revolutionising grain storage management, this system utilises cloud computing and cellular communication to control grain cooling and drying. This technology not only cuts energy costs by at least 40%, but also significantly reduces labor and management efforts. Consequently, it keeps your crops in prime condition with minimal effort.

Storage Buildings

At Tornum, our storage buildings are constructed with the highest standards to ensure clean, dry, and secure storage. We leverage the latest materials and technology to create facilities that are vermin-proof and water-tight. Our expertise allows us to customize features such as doors, walling, and ventilation to meet the unique needs of each farmer.

From initial consultation to final installation, Tornum provides turnkey solutions in grain storage. With our advanced systems and commitment to quality, we help farmers and agricultural enterprises maintain the integrity of their harvests and improve overall productivity.

For those in the agricultural sector looking to enhance their grain storage capabilities, Tornum offers not just products but also peace of mind. Moreover, our systems are designed to protect and preserve your agricultural investments efficiently and effectively.

he critical role that accessories play in transforming a grain silo into a fully integrated and efficient section of any processing or storage plant.

You can discover more about our grain storage systems here or contact us to discuss how our grain silos can enhance your operations with reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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