Grain Silos

Grain Silos – Our Guide

When choosing storage or processing facilities for essential crops the choice of grain silo is pivotal. At Tornum, we know that efficient storage plant design is key for optimal operations and crop preservation. Our expertise provides a diverse range of grain silos. These are tailored to meet various needs in different agricultural and industrial settings.

Types of Grain Silos

Flat Bottom Silos

Ideal for long-term storage of grain, oilseeds and granulated products, our flat bottom silos offer capacities ranging from 15 tonnes to 13,000 tonnes. We engineer these silos with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy snow loads. They are customisable according to ASAE/ANSI American or Euro-Code European norms, ensuring they meet specific project requirements without issue.

Hopper Bottom Silos

Designed for applications needing rapid discharge of large grain batches, our hopper bottom silos facilitate effective grain management. Available in diameters ranging from 3.1 meters to 12.2 meters and capacities from 14 to 2,500 cubic meters, these silos feature robust construction with galvanised steel for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

Bulk Discharge Silos

Our steel sheet Farm Silos are tailored for livestock, poultry, and pork feed storage. Designed with a 62° cone angle for efficient discharge, these silos range from 1.8 to 3.5 meters in diameter. They offer capacities from 4 to 58 cubic meters. Manufactured entirely in galvanised steel, they feature a Z600 galvanised coating or a green pre-paint. They include access stairs and optional ground or pneumatic opening systems. Additional features are visors, cone doors for cleaning, emergency exits, and weighing cells.

Grain Silo Accessories

A grain silo serves as the optimal choice for storing bulk products in any storage or processing plant. Furthermore, it is tailored to match the specific capacity and performance requirements of the facility. Whether utilised in agricultural or industrial contexts, a grain silo functions as a crucial component. It requires various accessories to integrate seamlessly into the larger plant infrastructure, thus ensuring both functionality and safety.

Tornum offers a comprehensive range of accessories, meticulously designed to enhance the versatility and efficiency of our grain silos. Additionally, these accessories cater to various plant sizes and applications, ensuring optimal functionality. These accessories encompass essential engineering elements such as ladders, stairs, platforms, and conveyor bridges capable of supporting large scale and heavy duty conveyors. All components adhere strictly to international workplace safety standards and are designed for user-friendly operation and comfort. We understand the critical role that accessories play in transforming a grain silo into a fully integrated and efficient section of any processing or storage plant.

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