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East Coast Viners (Drumlithie) Ltd Sets New Standard with Tornum Automated Grain Dryer

East Coast Viners Grain, a key player in the animal nutrition and grain sector, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming Scotland’s first company to adopt the cutting-edge benefits of a fully automated Tornum grain dryer.

Operating from Stonehaven, this family owned feed milling business has rooted itself in grain cultivation and drying, further strengthened by strategic collaborations with local farms. Their portfolio features a diverse array of compound and blended feeds.

Demonstrating their dedication to innovation, they’ve recently introduced a Tornum TK8-24 grain dryer. This continuous flow dryer is enhanced by the Intelligent Dryer Control system. Going beyond operational optimisation, this intelligent software effectively reduces energy consumption and labour expenses in grain management. This initiative doesn’t end at drying; Tornum’s partnership with Skandia Elevator has led to the seamless integration of new elevators and conveyors.

Charles White, from Tornum Ltd, the UK arm of the Tornum Group, highlighted the benefits of the Intelligent Dryer Control system: “East Coast Viners came to us looking for a model which could utilise their biomass radiators, reduce over drying and subsequent input costs, all with the aim of lowering their carbon footprint.”

The new Tornum automated grain dryer also features a distinctive aesthetic aspect: 10 front-mounted Clean Air Control (CAC) fans to maximise the airflow through the drier to increase the drier capacity and reduce back pressures created by the radiators. While dust collection remains atypical in standard dryers, the TK8-24 Tornum dryer, with its CAC fans, effectively eliminates up to 95% of generated grain dust and chaff. Simultaneously, it optimises airflow to enhance radiator efficiency.  While the dryer’s primary focus is barley, malting barley, wheat, and rapeseed, its versatility extends to oats, peas, and beans.

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