Hopper Bottom Silos

Our advanced range of hopper bottom silos are engineered to provide optimal solutions for temporary wet grain storage, buffer bins, and medium-term grain storage needs. Ideal for integration into grain drying or silo plants, our hopper bottom silos excel in scenarios requiring rapid discharge of large grain batches, such as sea and river ports, breweries, maltsters, and mills.

Versatility is a hallmark of our hopper bottom silos, accommodating a wide range of free-flowing granular products including feed pellets, wood chips, pellets, and granular polymers. Designed with robust corrugated steel sheets, our silos adhere to ASAE/ANSI American or Euro-Code European norms, ensuring durability against continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds, heavy snow loads, and seismic forces. Thicker galvanisation enhances corrosion resistance, making them ideal for agricultural and industrial applications.

Our hopper bottom silos range from 3.1 meters to 12.2 meters in diameter, offering capacities from 14 to 2,500 cubic meters. Innovation drives our design, with simplified static calculations, easier slab foundations, and assembly from ground level—eliminating the need for cranes or frameworks. Additional benefits include space availability under the silo and enclosed spaces for electrical equipment installation.

For superior grain and granular product storage solutions tailored to your specific needs, contact us.

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Hopper Bottom Silos

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