Barn Owl Ventilation

Barn Owl Ventilation Wireless software is the most advanced automatic wireless grain monitoring and fan control system available. Combining the technology of cloud computing, cellular communication and radio transmission, a Barn Owl Wireless system is always up to date and able to work on any internet-enabled device.

Barn Owl Wireless reduces crop cooling time and store management energy and labour costs, and ensures crops remain in optimum condition. Barn Owl Ventilation Wireless automatic fan control reduces cooling and drying energy bills by at least 40% since only air good enough to cool or dry the stored crop is used.

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Barn Owl Ventilation Software
Barn Owl Ventilation
Barn Owl Ventilation
Barn Owl Ventilation
Barn Owl Ventilation
Barn Owl Ventilation

How Barn Owl Wireless works

1. Temperature data in the crop store or silo is sent to the gateway

2. Data is sent to the cloud via the GSM network

3. Data on the webpage is accessed via the Internet

4. Fan controls are selected on the webpage

5. Fan controls are sent to the gateway

6. Fan controls are sent to fan controllers to turn on/off cooling fans and extraction fans.

Barn Owl Wireless Data Service

Barn Owl Wireless combines the technology of radio transmission within the user’s crop storage site, the GSM international SIM network for data upload onto the cloud server and a bespoke Gateway programme that ensures trouble-free operation. This gives the following benefits:

  1. Data transmission to and from the user’s storage site, with data stored and backed up in secure web servers on the Microsoft cloud network and available for download in both graphical and tabular formats.
  2. The user can access the system via the internet from PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone from any location. No software is involved or required.
  3. If the GSM network is out of action, the Gateway retains all data, continues automatic fan operation and transmits the data when communications are restored
  4. An on-line alert facility with fan overload warnings displayed on the user’s webpage
  5. Additional log-on facility for multiple users such as contract storage customers
Barn Owl Ventilation Wireless works
Barn Owl Ventilation

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